I was so exited to see snow on the forecast . Why I was so exited is because we have not had snow since last year and we are in January. 

When I see snow outside I feel very happy and very cold too. Finally  the best part of snow is to play in it and just have fun.

New Year

What do you did for the new year.

I was doing a lot of things for the new year.The first thing I was doing was being sick and when I mean being sick I mean sick so yah.

The secend thing I did was wotched Star Wars and then that was really it.

school has start

school is finaly here.I am so excited for the know year.I don’t no about you but i love school.The only thing i don’t like about shool is that there is homework.

But overall i love school.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

I went to the beach

I WENT THE BEACH and had fun. so a copple of days a go I went to the beach with my friends and had so much fun.We got to also go to the dordwalk and had so much fun and exiting to.OH it was also fun the uther days to.

school is out

schools out summer is in no more homework for kids.

So are you ready for summer because school is out for me and I am ready to have so fun.So when is it time for your vk.

School is all most over

So you giys know school is all most over rite. so are ready for summer because I know I am.ask you giys to do something if you could think in your head what are you doing for summer. Why i am asking is because I think it is good just to think for a  cuple of minites  

My grandma’s trip

This weekend my grandma came to our house. it was so fun because first it was her birthday.And second it was memorial day.


This weekend was the best weekend because I got to spend it with my grandma. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Dorney park adventure

My adventure to dorney park was so fun and wild too.

I had so much fun with my family and my sisters adventure was so fun becuse of all of the rides were crasy fun.

I  would tell you all of the rides I went on but I think it should be a seakeret


I have a lot of friends. there nice,there funny,and there so good and helpful in school.

My friends names are Katie,Allison,Macenzie ,Hannah,Micheal,Jack and Natley and Ava

A good thing about my friends are that we all go to the same school that I think

it is prity cool to have all of your friends at the same school